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Life on the Run is your personal guide to becoming a better, safer and happier runner.


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Life on the Run isn’t just another prescriptive training book for improving physical fitness. Rather, it has been created to act as a personal guide to a new future as a better, safer and happier runner. It will engage the reader in an interesting and enjoyable, at times even humorous, exploration of the core theoretical and practical concepts of running with greater self-awareness.

More specifically, Life on the Run covers the most important and currently relevant topics in running, which are sure to be of interest to people of a wide range of ages, backgrounds, fitness levels and running experience. These include optimal running form and training intensity determination, common training methods, the Pose and Chi running styles, barefoot and minimalist running, as well as running in different environments and terrains. The book ends with a six (6) week long 5K Running Challenge, which incorporates the lessons learned from the book’s theory and practical exercises. The aim of the challenge is to get participants ready to run 5km non-stop for the first time, or to help them improve their personal best times over the distance.

The book’s structure and content has been specifically designed to promote effective learning of the many key running related concepts, as well as their practical applications, via a number of flexible learning methods, which include:

  • Self-directed learning
  • Group experiences with family, friends or work colleagues
  • Under the guidance of a own personal trainer or coach
  • In organised running courses, which use the book as the course manual

Life on the Run isn’t just focused on promoting active self-learning and discovery. It’s also just as much about encouraging readers to share their newfound knowledge and personal experiences with the significant others in their lives. In this way, they also have the opportunity to significantly contribute to the creation and development of a much greater and more social running community and support network for all.

So, for relatively new and beginner runners, and even more experienced ones, as well as personal trainers and coaches wanting to provide their clients with an easy and effective way to learn the basics of running, Life on the Run will provide the theoretical and practical support to do so.

Ultimately, the aim of Life on the Run is to show people how to run with greater purpose and poise, as well as to encourage them to re-explore the world around them.