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Are you ready to walk your talk? Here's your 7 step personal guide to a happier, more satisfying and successful life.


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The Life on the Run Self-Coaching Program has been created to help people to become more successful in their lives. To achieve this outcome, the reader is guided through a seven (7) step program, which involves an examination of a range of key personal life attitudes and behaviours, and then working through a series of exercises to produce positive and tangible, real life results. While this program has been primarily designed for you to work through it on your own as a self-coaching personal development tool, other possible approaches include:

  • working together with family, friends or work colleagues

  • under the guidance of your own personal life coach or therapist

  • participating in an organized self-development course or group, which uses this workbook as its support manual

So, whatever way you decide to approach the concepts and topics presented, the key underlying factor for you to get the most out of the process is that you possess a true desire for change and self-improvement. This Life on the Run self-coaching program will then give you a great push-start down your own path to greater personal satisfaction and happiness.