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Are you ready to get unplugged, wake up and really start to live? This is your seven (7) step self-development WiseGuide to bring you out of the anaesthesia of ignorance, and to set you up on your personal path to wisdom.


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This WiseGuys Get Unplugged! self-development e-guide has been created to increase your levels of awareness, wisdom and, ultimately, your satisfaction with your life. To achieve these outcomes, you’ll be guided through a seven (7) step self-coaching programme, which involves an examination of a range of key personal life attitudes and behaviours. In each of the steps, you will work on various types of simple and practical exercises aimed at producing positive and tangible, real-life results. While this programme has been primarily designed for you to work through on your own as a self-development tool, other possible ways that it can be used include the following:

  • doing it together with family, friends or work colleagues
  • to help you to make better connections with others, both social and professional
  • to act as a supplemental guide when working with your own personal life coach or therapist
  • when participating in an organised self-development course or group, which uses this e-guide as its reference material or support manual 

So, whatever way you decide to approach the concepts and topics presented in this e-guide, the key underlying factor for you to consider, in order for you to get the most out of the process, is that you possess a true desire for change and self-improvement. This WiseGuys Get Unplugged! self-development e-guide will then give you a great push-start down your own path to greater awareness, wisdom, personal satisfaction and happiness.